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Public Seed Library Resources


The free, volunteer-run Public Seed Library is expected to open at the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library downtown by March ‘23. A collaborative project of the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition and the Corvallis Public Library, the Seed Library will be available to everyone who visits the Corvallis Public Library, for their personal use, regardless of whether they have a library card. The program is intended to support both new and experienced home gardeners.

This will be a seed-sharing library to share sustenance: Give what you can, and receive free seeds and garden knowledge on how to plan a garden, grow vegetables, and companion herbs and flowers for pollinators and other beneficial insects. The OSU Extension Service will be providing educational resources.

The Public Seed Library will be stocked exclusively with donated vegetable, herb, and flower commercial seed packets. Please consider donating new or open and partially used commercial seed packets packed for the current or prior calendar year -- seed age is an important viability factor to consider. Donations will be collected from mid-December through January at the Corvallis Public Library downtown at 645 NW Monroe Ave inside at the Librarian's Desk.


Benton County Master Gardeners and other local area experts will offer vegetable gardening lectures and special event Vegetable Garden Plant Clinic help desks at the Corvallis Public Library.

The Corvallis Sustainability Coalition and Benton County Master Gardeners already partner with others to provide the free Corvallis Garden Resource Guide and gardening educational outreach through the Neighborhood Planters Kiosks project. Corvallis has an active gardening community, and three family-owned retail nurseries that support local school gardens, community gardening and natural area conservation groups. There’s a lot of programming support for people who are looking to start gardening or grow more of their own food. The Public Seed Library will benefit all: current gardeners who will have free access to a broader variety of seeds, new gardeners, and the environment too.

Educational Program Dates & Vegetable Garden Resource Links

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