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Public Seed Library
Lecture Series Slides & Virtual Handouts


March 8, 2023:  Garden planning, crop families, succession gardening, and resources with BCMG Brenda Bye

April 6, 2023:  Starting seeds inside, direct seeding, and transplanting with BCMG Brenda Bye


April 12, 2023:  Soil and fertilizer, use of compost, mulch, soil thermometer and row or hoop covers with BCMG Emily Herb


May 4, 2023:  Keep it coming: Succession planting, thinning, row covers, and weeding with BCMG Emily Herb


May 10, 2023:  "Weather Wise Gardening": Understanding local microclimate, using weather forecasts & historical climate data in garden planning & decision-making with Mark Luterra, Wild Garden Seed


June 14, 2023:  Vegetable garden organic pest management with Linn-Benton Master Gardener Rich Little

September 14, 2023: The Dirt on Dirt: Understanding, Evaluating, and Maintaining Your Soil with Shonnard's Nursery expert Darren Morgan

December 5, 2023: Growing Sprouts and Microgreens Indoors with Benton County Master Gardeners Jill Farrow and Jennifer Klammer

Thursday February 22, 2024: Starting & Growing Peppers & Tomatoes with Benton County Master Gardeners Meleah Ashford and Jennifer Klammer

Tuesday March 5, 2024: Garden Guidance for Harvesting & Saving Seeds with Adaptive Seed's

co-founder and "Seed Ambassador" Andrew Still

Thursday April 4, 2024: Practical Composting for Home Gardens, an interactive presentation by Frederick Livingston, former Biointensive Teacher/Farmer at Ecology Action in CA

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