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BCMGA September Board Highlights

 from Nancy Tovar, BCMGA Board President

Hi everyone, I hope you are all coping well in these challenging times. Trying to stay connected this year has been tough. In an effort to keep you all informed of the latest BCMGA happenings, I will be sending out a monthly email after each board meeting. The date of the next All-Volunteer Zoom meeting is Sept. 24 at 6:00pm. Check the weekly e-news for the RSVP. It’s a great way to stay connected. In case you were unable to attend the previous live Zooms, I'm sharing movies of the all-volunteer meetings from July and August with important updates you'll want to be aware of. You can watch the movies of these sessions at: GREAT NEWS! The BCMGA board has contracted with the Evening Garden Club of Corvallis to host a FALL PLANT SALE! The sale will be held September 25th & 26th and will feature over 4,000 of the plants that we propagated and divided last fall! OSU Extension does not allow Master Gardeners to host in-person sales, so Evening Garden Club will independently run this sale, including advertising, invites, and sign-ups. Brooke helped us prepare a proposal to transfer BCMGA plants to Evening Garden Club oversight. The proposal was approved by OSU Extension in a matter of hours. You can read the details here: If you have a face-to face Master Gardener activity that you would like to propose, please contact Brooke. Winners of the August Virtual Garden Tours photo raffle are Kathy Clark and Pat Werner. Be sure to checkout the submitted photos at our website at under the gallery tab. Submit your photos with a “Bountiful Harvest” theme to Richard Taylor:  for a chance to win a $25 gift card. Deadline is Oct.16. A Communications Committee was formed in January for two purposes: to help welcome new members into the Master Gardener program, and to address any communications problems when they arise. The committee has met several times via Zoom with Extension and committee chairs. We continue to work on issues brought forward at those meetings. Expect an update soon. Since Zoom meetings have become the new normal, the board voted to purchase a Zoom subscription for committee use. We’ll be able to share and schedule meetings using a new BCMGA g- mail account. Two important votes will be on the agenda at the Oct. 19 BCMGA Membership meeting via Zoom. We’ll be voting on the change to Article IX, Section 3 and the 2021 Board officer slate. Be sure to attend. Thanks for all you do! Keep Calm and Garden On Nancy Tovar

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