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Greenhouse Clean Up Wed July 14, 2021

Our last clean up did the hard work, now we need to keep up with the new weeds. We also have some wild grapes that need summer pruning.

And we would love someone to come out and help us design a portable irrigation system.

Our next clean up is Wed July 14, 2021 at the greenhouse, Philomath High School at 9:00 - 11:00am. Feel free to come earlier if you like, and no need to stay the entire time. We will have snacks and water available! We still need to keep records for COVID-19 contact tracing, but you no longer need to sign up electronically. You can sign up here. Or simply show up and sign in using pen and paper. I like the electronic sign-in just so I know if anyone is going to show. Plus it sends out reminders automatically. Either way, I hope to see you there!

Deb Kern

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