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Biweekly Update May 28 from Brenda Bye, President

🍓 I hope this message finds you all well and ahead of the weeds in your gardens. I enjoyed seeing so many of you at the Membership Meeting last week and am looking forward to Dan Blanchard’s campus tour this summer. 

Our trainee members are beginning their shifts at the Plant Clinic and there are plenty of questions rolling in. The hands-on experience at the desk is a great way for all MGs to expand their gardening knowledge and is a valuable addition to the classroom learning. A special thanks goes out to all the desk trainers who volunteer many hours to this important task. Your expertise and guidance are invaluable, and your efforts are deeply appreciated by all.

Additionally, I encourage everyone to start logging your hours into the VRS (Volunteer Reporting System). Keeping track of your contributions not only helps us recognize your hard work but also supports the continued success and funding of our programs through Extension.


🍓Plant Clinic Desk Needs Your Help - Lots of questions are coming into the desk and we are falling behind. There is plenty to do for veteran and trainee Master Gardeners alike. Signup Genius for the desk. 

  • Trainees who have been cleared by Otillia can sign up for desk training. Our goal is for trainees to complete their first session at the desk in May. If possible, please partner with a classmate when you sign up. Note: if you sign up and no trainer is available by the evening before, you will NOT be able to work at the desk.

  • Certified Master Gardeners you can work at the desk IF you see an opening the evening before you'd like to do desk duty. Please sign up as a trainee so no one will expect you to be a trainer.

  • If you are a certified Master Gardener who wishes to receive refresher training at the desk, you may sign up if no other trainees have signed by the evening before and a trainer IS signed up. Alternatively, you may contact any of the trainers (Alan Taylor, Deb Kern, Paula Lupcho, Michelle Brown, Cynthia Roler) to make arrangements.

🍓 Opening for OMGA Representative and Alternate - BCMGA is looking for new representatives to the Oregon Master Gardener Association. This job serves as our liaison to OMGA and is a great way to meet other Master Gardeners from around Oregon. The position includes 4 OMGA meetings per year, usually via Zoom, attending BCMGA Board Meetings, and writing a quarterly report of BCMGA activities. There are even opportunities to be involved in OMGA Leadership and committees. A formal job description is in the BCMGA Policies and Procedures manual.

Rich Taylor, who has served this role for several years, would be happy to mentor someone through the rest of this year to get them comfortable with the position requirements and introduce them to the OMGA family. If you are interested or have questions, please contact Rich Taylor

🍓There are three redwood seedlings that have been given to Extension. If you have space and a vision for the future you can pick a seedling up at the office. 

Volunteer Opportunities

🍓Hope Grows Here is a program that pairs cancer survivors with Master Gardener volunteers for garden mentoring. Janet Throop has been a dedicated volunteer in this program for years but will be unable to participate this year. Their need is urgent and the work is so rewarding. Please email Otillia if you want more information. 

🍓Public Seed Library has a new PopUp table volunteer opportunity to discuss Fall Harvest and Overwintering on June 22. Use the SignUp Genius to get involved.  

🍓The Demonstration Garden meets Wednesday mornings from 9:30-11:30 at the Benton County Fairgrounds. No sign ups required but email Rosalind Hutton to be added to the email list for weather cancellations. 

🍓Mountain View Elementary School Garden has been restarted and is looking for volunteers. Please email Susan Hoffman if you want to be involved. 

🍓Spirit of Gardening Pole We are looking for some creative members to take on this project for the OMGA Joy of Gardening Conference. Each county is being asked to make a 4x4 Garden Pole that symbolizes their county to be auctioned at the conference. Example projects have been painted brightly and may have bird or bee houses attached. If this sounds interesting to you please reach out to Brenda Bye for more information. Trainees and veteran MGs are both welcome. 

BCMGA Garden Tours 

🍓Our Co-Vice Presidents Lynn Trimpe and Michelle Brown have published the summer garden tours schedule. Full details are available on the website

  • Karen's Garden: Wednesday, June 12, 2024, 5pm to 7pm

  • OSU Campus Arboretum: Thursday, July 18, 2024, 10am to 1pm

  • BCMGA Demonstration Garden: Tuesday, August 13, 2024, 5:30pm to 7:30pm

OMGA Joy of Gardening Conference

July 12-13 at CH2M Hill Alumni Center

🍓Registration is now open for the Joy of Gardening Conference, see the OMGA Website for details. Keynote speakers for this year include Dr. Gail Langelloto and Sherry Sheng as well as Dr. Silva Rondon. Two-day tickets are $80 before June 15. 

  • BCMGA is sponsoring a raffle to cover early registration for 3 trainees and 3 veteran Master Gardeners. Raffle entries can be made in person at Extension. One entry per person. The drawing will be on June 14. 

🍓Donations Needed for Silent Auction - Each year Oregon Master Gardener Chapters donate to the Silent Auction at the Joy of Gardening Conference. The proceeds from this auction are used for the awards and grants given by OMGA each year. Popular items are yard art, gardening supplies, tours, and wine. If you have items to donate please email Paula Lupcho.  

Continuing Education Opportunities

🍓Growing Oregon Gardens: Level Up Series 2024 Get one hour of CE credit for attending free gardening webinars from OSU. Check out the website for more details. Recordings of past talks are also available for continuing education credit. 

🍓Webinars Opportunities from across the state are listed on the OSU Master Gardener Program’s event page. Record each as one hour of continuing education. 

Extension News 

🍓Need help finding information from Extension?  Here are some important links to access information.

  • OSU Extension Master Gardener Program News is a good way to stay up to date on new programs and activities from the statewide office. 

  • Guide to Being a Master Gardener: This was updated in November and can answer many common MG questions. It is available electronically here

  • Solve Pest Problems: A new tool from OSU Extension to help manage pests around your home and garden with reduced risk to people, pets, and the environment. New entries are being added regularly on the SPP Website.

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