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Biweekly Update July 9 from President Brenda Bye

President’s Message  

☀️As we reach the halfway point of the year and my term as president, I want to take a moment to reflect on the progress we've made and the exciting events ahead.

At this week's July BCMGA Board meeting, we had the pleasure of installing a new board member, Shelby Schuppe, who will be taking on the role of Alternate OMGA Representative. We also voted to approve a new school garden project at Kathryn Jones Harrison Elementary. Our next meeting is in August and if you have any interest in BCMGA leadership, I invite you to attend and check it out. It has been a great way to delve deeper into our organization and expand my Master Gardener journey. 

This weekend marks the OMGA Joy of Gardening Conference. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the members from Benton County who have worked tirelessly to contribute to this event, especially Janet Magedanz, our OMGA Treasurer and Paula Lupcho, the Silent Auction Organizer. If you are attending, look for Benton County’s Spirit of Gardening Pole which will be donated to Mountain View Elementary School Garden after the conference. 

Thank you all for your continued dedication and support. Let's make the second half of the year just as fruitful and rewarding as the first!

BCMGA Garden Tours

Organized by Co-Vice Presidents Lynn Trimpe and Michelle Brown

☀️The summer garden tours continue with the OSU Campus Arboretum next week. There are details including parking information on the BCMGA website. If you would like to do some research before our tour the OSU Campus Arboretum has a great website and interactive map tool. 

  • OSU Campus Arboretum: 

    • Thursday, July 18, 2024, 10am to 1pm

    • Dryden Hall, 450 SW 30th Street

  • BCMGA Demonstration Garden: Tuesday, August 13, 2024, 5:30pm to 7:30pm


☀️Plant Clinic Desk - Did you know it could be fun to work at the help desk? 

  • There’s the thrill of discovery: a new disease and a new pest have shown up in the samples brought in recent weeks, and they were identified by two of this year’s class. 

  • There’s the chance to figure out what’s wrong with that plant in your garden: sometimes there’s no obvious answer, but you have the skills and access to the resources to figure it out

  • There’s the reward of thanks when you solve a grateful client’s plant problem

Spend one or more sessions with a desk trainer to make sure you know how to use the tools at the desk, partner with another Master Gardener or classmate to compare notes and share ideas, and enjoy the satisfaction of mastering gardening problems.

☀️ Date Set for BCMGA Picnic - September 16, 2024 at 5PM at the Philomath Park. 

☀️Leader for Gearing Up for Gardening - This beloved winter educational event has been led by Janet Magedanz for years. It is well attended by both MGs and the general public. If you are interested in helping in the next phases of this program please reach out to Janet

New BCMGA Project at Kathryn Jones Harrison School Garden

☀️We have a great, new opportunity to work alongside garden caretaker and Kindergarten teacher, Amanda Tuckson at Kathryn Jones Harrison School garden (formerly Jefferson School on Circle and 27th in Corvallis). After the remodeling phase at the school, Amanda has re-started the garden and has a beautiful vision for this vibrant space. BCMGA volunteers will be providing garden education to other volunteers (school staff, parents, community members) and students. There are workshop opportunities during work parties and Student Garden Club sessions and summer work parties (see below). The garden club will meet during mid-day school recess breaks during the fall and spring months.

I am hoping to have 3-6 MGs join me in this adventure.  Please let me know if you’re interested! 

Jennifer Klammer

Summer Work Parties at KJH School Garden - 

When: Fridays 9 – 11 am, July 12 to August 23

Where: Kathryn Jones Harrison Elementary School Garden, 

1825 NW 27th, Corvallis Or, 97330

Park in the school lot and walk along Circle Blvd sidewalk to the garden gate

Bring: Sun hat, water bottle, gloves, your favorite weeding tool for weeding small and large areas (garden has trowels, shovels  and action hoes)

Work Party Plan July 12:

  • Remove overgrown cover crop from 3 raised beds and add compost.

  • Weed whack

  • Weed established perennial beds


For More Information/Contact About the KJH School Garden:

Volunteer Opportunities

☀️ Propagation Workshops Posted - Cheers to the Plant Sale Team for tackling the mountain of pots that need sanitizing and continuing their great work growing plants for our next sale. There are at least 2 activities per week through the end of August including dates and times to accommodate our working members and trainees. Join in the fun at this SignUp Genius

Continuing Education Opportunities

☀️Growing and Belonging - Each year OSU asks that we complete one hour of continuing education related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. There are multiple online courses available through the Growing and Belonging website

☀️Growing Oregon Gardens: Level Up Series 2024 Get one hour of CE credit for attending free gardening webinars from OSU. Check out the website for more details. Recordings of past talks are also available for continuing education credit. 

☀️Webinars Opportunities from across the state are listed on the OSU Master Gardener Program’s event page. Record each as one hour of continuing education. 

Extension News 

☀️Here are some important links to access information.

  • OSU Extension Master Gardener Program News is a good way to stay up to date on new programs and activities from the statewide office. 

  • Guide to Being a Master Gardener: This was updated in November and can answer many common MG questions. It is available electronically here

  • Solve Pest Problems: A new tool from OSU Extension to help manage pests around your home and garden with reduced risk to people, pets, and the environment. New entries are being added regularly on the SPP Website.

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