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Bi-Weekly Update 11 October 2022

Please read, or at least skim through,

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to find out all that is happening. Happy Fall!

My apologies to the CGET Committee. Here is an additional Volunteer Opportunity:

The Community Gardening Education Team (CGET) plans to hold a zoom meeting on Wednesday October 19th at 7pm to discuss our plans and budget for 2023. We invite all interested MGs and would especially like to hear from MGs who were 2022 Trainees. WE ARE A FUN COMMITTEE WITH AN IMPORTANT MISSION AND WE GET THINGS DONE. Zoom with us and find out why! RSVP to so we can send you the zoom link a few days before. Questions? Email us at

The CGET Triumvirate,

Wendi Gale, Kandi Maestri and Cheryl Stratton

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